Hi there 👋

If you've gotten this far then, we probably know each other.
I just want you to know that I'm passionate about understanding users, solving problems, and eating pizza.
I bring my creativity and skills to design products that people use, relate to, and enjoy.

Payment process

A checkout wizard for potential users that allows them to purchase annual or monthly subscription to the platform.

Onboarding wizard

The purpose of this flow is to onboard users into the system in a fast and simple way and to tailor the platform to their needs.

Automation rules

Allows the user to automate actions within the platform based on pre-defined rules.

Each rule is composed of a trigger, an action and timing.

e-commerce website

Cart page, checkout and product page template for Camilyo site builder tool.
This template lets the user showcase and sell products online.


My experience

As a product designer, I’m responsible for the user experience 
of desktop and mobile products. Work end to end with both product managers and R&D teams to achieve a product that is aligned with the company׳s design guidelines. Conduct a full design cycle from ideation and wireframing to creating interactive prototypes that were tested on potential users before 

being developed.